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20190201 President Letter

Hello again O.D. Shag Club members:

As I write this, we are in the last week of January, with predictions for more freezing weather! However, we are very fortunate to be in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina! In Wisconsin where our daughter and her family live, schools are closed because it is so cold a person could get frostbite on exposed skin in a matter of seconds! They have had forecasts for wind chills of 55 degrees below zero!! That is 100 degrees colder than it is right now in North Myrtle Beach!!!

Even though it is just January, we have already had several O.D. Shag Club events this year. We had a great turnout for our Mid-Winter Brunch at the O.D. Arcade on the 20th and had 25 people show up for our Clean Sweep on the 26th to brave the freezing temperatures. It turned out to be a beautiful day with the sun shining and really didn’t feel as cold as the thermometer said it was, or maybe that was because I had on so much warm clothing!

Additionally, we have continued our Beginner Shag Lessons and Share A Shag Step (SASS) Lessons and they will continue to be held, so if you need a little brushing up or just don’t know how to Shag, these lessons are free to all members! Just check our website for the times and dates. They are held in the back room at Fat Harold’s, our home club!

I hope everyone is looking forward to our World-Famous Oyster Roast on February 16th at the O.D. Arcade! Unfortunately, due to all the storms this past fall and spring which forced the closure of a lot of oyster beds, the cost of oysters has gone up. We thought the best way to handle the increased cost was to raise the guest charge to $25.00 to keep from having to charge our members. We need to keep in mind that we are the only Shag Club around that still gives members free meals!!

If I don’t see you before, I hope to see you at our World-Famous Oyster Roast! Oh, and bring a guest or two if you want to!

20190126 Clean Sweep

Clean Sweep


Joan Bacon

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The O.D. Shag Club held our annual Mid-Winter Clean Sweep on Saturday, January 26th • We had 25 members turn out and we picked up 28 bags of trash!

The temperature was in the 30s but the sun was shining and it really did not feel like it was as cold as it was! We all were happy to see the sun for a change and enjoyed biscuits from Hardees, coffee and donut holes from Krispy Kreme as well as juices and bottled water. We also enjoyed visiting with our shagfriends!

If you have never participated in the Clean Sweep, I think you would be surprised to find that you would really enjoy it.  We will have our next Clean Sweep on Saturday May 11 at 8:30. This is the weekend after our Spring SOS!

Hope to see you there!

20190120 Mid Winter Brunch


Mid Winter Brunch


Nancy Sook

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Good friends, good food and good fun.  Midwinter Brunch at the OD Arcade, Sunday morning. Morning cocktails followed by 7 local shaggers on the Junior Shag Team showing us their moves. Some members even were lucky enough to dance with them.  Each local junior shagger received a check for $100.00 that the members donated when the bucket was passed at some events.  The fabulous OD Arcade Brunch was served by members of the 2019 Board. Murl kept the fun going as members danced to his tunes.  Everyone hoped to win the $20.00, but Sonny Dellinger and Kathy Wooten took home the money.  Lori Setzer donated a delicious carrot cake to the winner drawn from those who bought 4 golf cart raffle tickets.  Lou always takes great pictures. Another fun morning in our memories. 

20180101 Presidents Letter

Well Hello OD Shag Club Members,

As I write this, it is almost Christmas and we are looking forward to the upcoming New Year!  The year 2018 has been a most unusual year marked by 2 hurricanes that heaped damage and destruction all over our area.  One of the less significant problems, but certainly a concern to shag community was the cancellation of the SOS Fall Migration.  Because of that, they are having an extended Mid-Winter in a few weeks. I hope as many of you as possible well be able to attend our first party of the year which is our SOS Brunch, which as usual will be at the OD Arcade on Sunday during SOS.  At that time, you will be able to meet our new officers and board members and sign up to help whichever committees you would like to serve on.  I hope as many of you as possible will sign up for a committee because that is the best way possible to get to know the members of our club.

As your incoming President, I know I will have big shoes to fill, as our previous Presidents have all done really great jobs and with your help, continue to make the OD Shag Club the best club it can be.

You should feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. However, I would really like to hear from you telling me which committee you would like to serve on to make a difference.

I wish all of you a healthy, safe and prosperous New Year and look forward to seeing you all soon.

20181201 Presidents Letter

As I write my last President Letter for 2018, I realized that the year has in some ways just flown by and here we are, ready to bring in another year, 2019.  WOW!! Where did it go?  As I look back on this past year I want to reflect, as many of us do, at this magical time of the year, on what 2018 meant to me and what this shag club has meant to me as well. 

I hope you will, as I, look through all the wonderful photos of all the events that we have had this year on our website captured by our fantastic and dedicated Photographer and Webmaster, Lou Martino.  Having a Yearbook with all the members photos has been SO helpful for me to put a “face I recognize” with a name that I cannot remember as it is ALWAYS on the tip of my tongue. Lol! 

I hope you will think about ALL the magnificent meals that our Food Co-Chairs, Donnie and Wendy Schultz and Faye Chowning and their committee have dedicated so many hours planning and preparing for us this past year.  Please take a moment at the next party and thank them as well. 

I was so proud of all the Golf Cart Fundraiser Co-Chairs, Monica and Jim Palmieri, and their incredible team for selling out ALL 3000 tickets and CONGRATULATIONS to one of our own Carolyn Stuckey, as the winner!  GREAT JOB!

Don’t forget to say thank you to Karen Young and the Hospitality Committee and the smiles and sweet “meet and greets” that they gave to each of us, ole (not old) and new members at each event.

A great big HUG and THANK YOU to Tina and Sonny Tomberlin for keeping our beautiful and wonderful dance going by taking time out of their busy schedules to teach Beginner I and II Classes.  Look for me in your classes in 2019, and hope those of you who have put off learning, to make 2019, the year of “I WILL”!

Monty Bonnett, your Advertising Chair has done a phenomenal job getting Sponsors for YOUR club and they are on the website, so check it out and let him know what a great job he as done!  He is quite the salesman.

Communication has been perfect with all the emails that are being sent throughout the year and Monica Powell does the best job and I couldn’t have done my job with out her!  Thank you, Monica.

Barbara Hopper, our Remembrance Chair may have sent you a card, maybe cheered your heart when you were sick or lost a loved one, but knowing someone cared and thought of you means so much to us all. Thank you, Barbara, each of us were touched by this thoughtfulness.

I cannot say enough about our Golf Tourney Chairs, Glenn and Donna Strange, Terry McCoy, Bob Miller, Ken Meyer, Karen Young. Wow!  Excellent Job and I was so excited to be able to give back to our community with our generous donations.

Parade Chair and your new upcoming Vice-President Billy Powell does a super job of getting our membership excited about the parades and what about taking the TOP Prize in the SOS Parade.  If you have never participated in a parade you are MISSING OUT ON FUN, FUN, FUN!!

Entertainment Co-Chairs Gail Roberson and Lori Setzer scheduled the BEST DJs on the beach to play your favorite tunes for the year and kept the dance floors crowded.  Speaking of dancing, as a Co-Chair with Lou Martino, of the Dance Team, we have had a BUSY year but a fulfilling one with lots of events to be able to showcase our dance and share it with others who want to know and learn more about this beloved dance, SHAG.

Membership has grown and we have well over 800+ members and counting and Diane Bauer did an excellent job with keeping up with this and all the information that goes with that.  Sandy Cummings also sent out the Newsletter, as she has done for many years to all the members who do not have communication through email.  Thank you, ladies,!

I should have mentioned “Means and Ways” back at the beginning because we tend to leave them to last, however, they are far from that.  Sharon Simpson and Pat Cohee-Hayes have kept you in OD Shag Club Logo and kept us “Stylin and profiling” beautifully in 2018.  Awesome job ladies and team!

We have two committees with the word “FUN” in them:

Fun Monday Chair and for the last several years, Lou Garrenton has done a superb job selling ALL the tickets and she will now be your up-coming Treasurer.  This lady knows how to handle MONEY and TICKETS! 

Of course, FUN is the middle name of the Charity FUN Run and it was so successful due to the hard work of Wendy Shultz and Monica Powell.  So much FUN was had by all and hope that each of you can participate next year!

Our year ALWAYs ends with us going to entertain, however, it is WE who walk away BLESSED when we participate in our Annual Christmas Program at the Myrtle Beach Manor and Joe Ferlauto works so hard to plan, purchase and participate in this wonderful event.  These residents so look forward to it.  December 3rdis the date this year so put it on your calendar to come and share the joy and magic of Christmas with these residents. Thank you, Joe, for helping us ALL remember the TRUE meaning of Christmas!

Don’t forget our last party of the year is December 15, our Christmas party.  Come share in the joy of the Christmas season with those who have become a family to us all.

Lastly, I want to thank the 2018 Board and for ALL their support, encouragement, suggestions throughout this year.  You are the best and I want to wish you each and all the members of this club, which I truly love and enjoy so much being a part of and have felt honored to have been your President for 2018, a BLESSED and MERRY CHRISTMAS!





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