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20220228 Presidents Letter

Our second month has flown by. The February weather was like a yoyo. Even the cold days were good days as we planned for our Famous Oyster Roast which was to take place on the 19th. The crew worked most of the 2 and 3 days prior to actually fixing the bushels of oysters. Arriving early at the Arcade on the morning of the roast prepared to set things up, I was amazed at the great heart pump pulling up and seeing our great team who spend the days making it happen. It just does the heart good to see the effort, the camaraderie, the efficiency and how much the guys work together to provide for the rest of us. So proud to be a part of something soooo good. While there I found out there had been a crew of ladies who had cut, cooked and prepared all the foods necessary to make the delicious chicken bog the night before. Thank you ladies for doing all of that. It too, was delicious. Set up was a breeze with the help of Ray and his Arcade crew and before we knew it, all was done. If you missed the Oyster Roast, you need to make plans to be there next year. What a great event. We had a large turnout, great music, great food and smiles were abound. What a huge success all the way around. A big 50/50, Ways and means, Golf cart ticket sales and by the way, Thanks Sharon for making those goodies, Food, Music, and clean up help were all awesome. Way too many people to thank by name. You know who you are and Thank you all for all you do for us all. You are the best!!!!!

This month coming up is a practice for April when we will have so many big events. March brings us St Patrick’s day parade, golf cart ticket sales at the festival and our annual March Chili and Soup party. Put your party hats on, dress up your golf cart for the parade and come to the party hungry and buy some tickets. We have some catching up to do for that sporty, good looking golf cart with all the bells and whistles.

We thank you for supporting our February event, are looking forward to seeing you this month and hope you are ready to party hardy for SOS and all of our events in April. In the meantime, be kind, love one another and treat each other with respect, have fun and above all else dance like no one is watching.