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Vic Gillispie – Board Member

DSCN4001My name is Vic Gillispie. I am originally from Danville, VA where I started dancing since 1956. I grew up in Swepsonville, NC and have danced throughout North and South Carolina for the better part of my life.

I have served 2 years on the Board of Directors for the Society of Brunswick Shaggers and 2 years as President of the Society of Brunswick Shaggers. I worked for Fat Harold Beach Club for several years. As an artist, I have donate my artwork and prints to every club in the ACSC, Camp Kemo and many other Shag Related Projects.

My reasons for wanting to serve on the OD Shag Club Board of Directors:

  1. To grow membership both locally and nationally.
  2. Help the OD Shag Club become involved in projects to help local and county organizations and non-profits.
  3. Get all members of the ODSC involved in the best club in the ACSC.
  4. Work to grow the junior Shaggers Association

I am very familiar with the Shag world and have always promoted the shag dance at every level.

I would appreciate your vote for a seat on the OD Shag Club Board of Directors.