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20160925 Essentially Women

Essentially Women


Lou Martino


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The OD Shag Dance Team was invited to dance for Essentially Women Conference Focus on the Future Sunday September 25, 2016, at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center from 8:15PM thru 9:15PM.

It was such a pleasure dancing for this group, because they were such an energetic group of ladies that we have ever danced for and with. Yes, these ladies came to learn to shag. If you get a chance go on their website and see what these women do professionally.

After a semi-formal introduction with Sarah Conger Essentially Woman’s contact person and Nicole Mills the Events Coordinator, we were introduced to the band.

While the Band – Inlyn Gruve started playing during dinner; the OD Shag Club Dance Team was in for a big surprise. The Band started playing at 8:00PM to a rhythm that was comfortable to dance to. Already there were ladies on the dance floor.

At 8:15PM Linda Campbell introduced the OD Shag Club Members and gave a little history of the Shag Dance. She asked how many of the audience knew how to shag. Only one lady raised her hand half way. Then she asked how many would like to learn to shag. Half of the room raised their hands. It was then we knew we were in for a fun filled evening.

Not only was the OD Shag Club able to dance for this group but we also instructed and taught the shag dance to a very enthusiastic group of ladies.

A very special Thank You to Nicole Mills, Events and Sarah Conger, Essentially Women for inviting the OD Shag Club to dance at this event.

I would also like to thank the members of the OD Shag Dance Team that participated in this event:

Bob and Helon Page, Burnie and Donna Williams, Sonny and Tina Tomberlin, Barbara Hopper, Jay Kellerman, Jim Harley, Judy Odom, Linda Campbell and Lou Martino.