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20170210 Lions Club Demo

Lions Club Demo


Lou Martino


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The OD Shag Club was invited to dance for the D32C Midwinter Lions Convention February 10, 2017 at 7:30PM at the OD Resort, North Myrtle Beach, SC. Many Thanks to Cathy Morse our POC for this event.

This event has started off a great season. We had 18 members of our Team dance participate. And this Lions group wanted to learn to dance. Over half of those present did get on the dance floor, after a short instructional period, the lions members paired off with members of the dance team and danced several songs.

The night started at 6:30 PM and finished at 9:00 PM. It was one of the events that most everyone present danced.

Special thanks go out to the members of the Dance Team that danced at this event:

Jimmy Harley and Judy Odom

Connie Livingston

Bob and Helon Page

Rich and Cathy Jamiolkowski

Bill and Diane Millman

James Thorndyke

Cherie Patalik

Diane Tindall

Burnie and Donna Williams

John and Lori Setzer

Linda Campbell

Lou Martino