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20180201 Presidents Letter

Happy February and yes, it is still winter however, I hope all the cold weather is behind us and we can look forward to some warmer days.  But hold on, we have a few more weeks till Spring!   But, I can say, that the Mid-Winter Brunch was warm with hospitality from our new Hospitality Committee…Thanks Karen Young and group!  Awesome Job!  Warm from the kitchen with Mitch and his staff from OD Arcade helping Wendy and Donnie Schultz and their crew feed some 232 people who came to share in the liquid sunshine and great food!  Oh, and the great music of our DJ Murl Augustine who kept the floor HOT!   Hot was the entertainment from our Junior Shaggers who always put on a show.  So, if you missed the first party of 2018…well, pull out those gloves, oyster knives and come grab a spot at the table for the OD Shag Club World Famous Oyster Roast on February 17th at the OD Arcade again.  Bill Anderson will be spinning the tunes so come on out and crack a few (and we will have our great chicken bog for those who can’t just “DO’ those oysters)!  So we look forward to seeing ya there and don’t forget to check out the website for ALL the classes going on and don’t forget to come up and say “Hey” to us, your Board, we want to get to know you!  Until next time…keep on dancin’!

20180120 Clean Sweep

Post-SOS Clean Sweep 


Bill Bacon

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Phot0s by Lou Martino

Hello ODSC Members,

Saturday, January 20th, a near record group of 29 members of the OD Shag Club braved the cold to turn out at Deckerz at 8:30 AM for our annual Mid-Winter Clean Sweep!  After enjoying some of Hardee’s finest biscuits and Dunkin Donuts coffee, the group managed to collect 30 bags of trash and refuse from the streets and parking lots of North Myrtle Beach from the intersection of US 17 and Main to Ocean Blvd and from Main Street to 5th Ave North and South on Ocean Blvd.  We were pleased to see a lot of new members turn out as well as a lot of the usual suspects. 

For those of you who have never come to a Clean Sweep, you may not believe it, but we do have a good time! For any of you who have stopped coming, if your health permits, I think you might enjoy coming back! Sometimes it pays to participate as New Member Paulette Custer found $10.00!

We hope as many members as possible are able to come to our next Clean Sweep which is presently scheduled for Cinco de Mayo which is the first Saturday after Spring SOS.

20180114 SOS Brunch

Mid Winter SOS Brunch


Nancy Sook

A fabulous time was had by all 232(209 members, 9 guests,8 junior shaggers and 6 others in their party) at the midwinter brunch held at the od arcade, Sunday, January 14, 2018. 

We danced to tunes played by the crazy as ever, Murl Augustine, drank adult beverages and dined on a delicious brunch of scrambled eggs, grits, bacon, sausage, biscuits and fruit prepared by the staff of the arcade.

We all watched and cheered as the junior shaggers awed us with their moves. 

Then hoped our numbers would be called, but the winners were: name tag, Kathy Jamiolkowski, logo, Becki Roberts and the 50/50 winner of $288 was Ed Shiflett. Ed kindly donated his money to the junior shaggers.  

The club’s half of $287 was donated to the junior shaggers along with a bucket full of money. 

A special guest, Svein-arne Nordkvelle from Norway, where he has his own shag club of  25 members, was introduced. Too soon it was noon, Murl finished and we’ll be back for spring safari.

Click here to see Photos of this event.

Photos by Lou Martino

20180101 Presidents Letter

Wow! Can you believe that it is now 2018! Have you gotten those New Year’s Resolutions made? Well working on mine as this letter goes out.

First thing to say is Happy New Year and I am so excited for 2018 for the OD Shag Club! Your New officers for the year are:

President: Linda Campbell
Vice President: Bill Bacon
Secretary: Donna Williams
Treasurer: Vickie Parsons
Board of Directors:
Cindy Day
Billy Powell
John Setzer
Nancy Sook
Tina Tomberlin

Our first event for the New Year will be our Board meeting on January 2, at 6:00pm in the Back Room of Fat Harolds. Mid-Winter will be here January 12-14 so mark your calendars to join us for our Mid-Winter Brunch at the OD Arcade on January 14th, at 10:00am.

One resolution that you can make is to commit yourself to spend more time by getting involved this year in the club. Volunteer your time to one of our many committees. I am asking that each member volunteer at least one time (and of course more) during one of our events this year. Check out the website and let us know where you fit the most. Come be a part of the fun. Get to know us and us You!! We are glad you are a part of our Shag Family. Look forward to getting to know you better.