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20190601 Presidents Letter

Hello gain O.D.ShagClub members and welcome to June, 2019! It looks like Summer has finally arrived at North MyrtleBeach!

Joan and I, accompanied by 6 others 5th Avenue South neighbors just returned from a 2-week cruise around the northeastern Mediterranean, Adriatic and Aegean Seas. We saw a whole lot of those extremely old places that are crumbling and falling down. But it is really amazing how the early Europeans could build those buildings, forts and monuments that have lasted for hundreds and sometimes even thousands of years without any of our modern technology. If they had had the internal combustion engine and quit warring with each other, they might have gotten to the moon five hundred years ago!

It is so good to be back home and able to sleep in our own bed! Those cruise ships are nice but the rooms are so small! Even a premium drink package can’t make tripping all over your spouse that much fun. You really can’t consider leaving shore without a drink package when a Coke or a bottle of water costs$4.00.

But were really did see the bartenders on the ship do some amazing things, such as mixing and pouring 5 different martinis at the same time without ever measuring or spilling a drop!

North Myrtle Beach looked so good when we finally home and even though the rains have set in, our home town still looks beautiful!

I hope to see as many of you as possible at our June party at Ducks on June 15 that 6:00 pm and don’t forget our shag lessons and SASS classes.



Helen Eckhardt 6/1
Tish Joyce 6/1
Marsha Long 6/1
Carol Lopez 6/1
Jack Reeves 6/1
Pam Hartman 6/2
C. M Northington 6/2
David Pettigrew 6/2
Becki Roberts 6/2
Ed Shiflett 6/2
Mike Thompson 6/2
Jimmy Rogers 6/3
Bob Caulder 6/5
Teressa Dew 6/5
Tony Cates 6/6
Norbert Goode 6/6
Ron Heiderbrink 6/6
Linda Shiflett 6/6
Joe Estrella 6/7
Michael Fielding 6/7
Gina Ryals 6/7
Joan Bacon 6/8
Stephen Cabe 6/8
Betsy McLeod 6/9
Susan Hall 6/10
Debbie Holmes 6/11
Betty Reaves 6/11
Betty Varn 6/11
David Bradt 6/12
Buffie McLeod 6/12
Cassy Shumway 6/12
Ed Moore 6/13
Beth Callaway 6/14
Sharon Oneill 6/14
Donnie Sangid 6/14
Wayne Wright 6/14
Jim Patterson 6/16
Carole Perry 6/16
Ronnie Whitlock 6/16
Doug Harrison 6/17
Donnie Quinn 6/17
Sheila Wright 6/17
Sondra Pettus 6/18
Carol Tedder 6/18
Barbara Hopper 6/19
John Pardini 6/19
Sherry Althoff 6/20
Robert Schwelnus 6/20
Doris Goldman 6/21
Jerry Melton 6/21
Judy Rascon 6/21
Sue Wehner 6/21
Joe Braswell 6/22
Bob Lemmond 6/22
Jan Samuels 6/22
Pat Singleton 6/22
Debbie Elliott 6/23
Randy Bowling 6/25
Mary Miller 6/25
Susie Johnson 6/26
Susan Hazzard 6/27
Dick Hughes 6/27
Ann Elmore 6/28
Paul Lugar 6/28
Linda Pettigrew 6/28
Lou Ann Roehl 6/28
Joie Uhlin 6/28
Wayne Riehl 6/29
John Merritt 6/30