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20190615 Pizza Party

Pizza Party


Donna Williams

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Our Pizza party took place at Ducks. Paul Craver not only played our dance music but sang for us as well. 120+ attended the event and thanks to our food committee, everyone was able to enjoy plenty of delicious pizza with various toppings delivered from The Main Slice.

To top off the pizza, our members in attendance with last names from I-P provided us with a vast array of delicious desserts. Thanks to Lou for our pictures and to all who planned, attended, and helped with another great event for the OD Shag Club. 

The winner of the Logo was Lois Roberts, the Name Tag winner was David Pettigrew and the big winner of the 50/50 was Gilda Gailliher.

Photos by Lou Martino


20190601 Presidents Letter

Hello gain O.D.ShagClub members and welcome to June, 2019! It looks like Summer has finally arrived at North MyrtleBeach!

Joan and I, accompanied by 6 others 5th Avenue South neighbors just returned from a 2-week cruise around the northeastern Mediterranean, Adriatic and Aegean Seas. We saw a whole lot of those extremely old places that are crumbling and falling down. But it is really amazing how the early Europeans could build those buildings, forts and monuments that have lasted for hundreds and sometimes even thousands of years without any of our modern technology. If they had had the internal combustion engine and quit warring with each other, they might have gotten to the moon five hundred years ago!

It is so good to be back home and able to sleep in our own bed! Those cruise ships are nice but the rooms are so small! Even a premium drink package can’t make tripping all over your spouse that much fun. You really can’t consider leaving shore without a drink package when a Coke or a bottle of water costs$4.00.

But were really did see the bartenders on the ship do some amazing things, such as mixing and pouring 5 different martinis at the same time without ever measuring or spilling a drop!

North Myrtle Beach looked so good when we finally home and even though the rains have set in, our home town still looks beautiful!

I hope to see as many of you as possible at our June party at Ducks on June 15 that 6:00 pm and don’t forget our shag lessons and SASS classes.



Bill Bacon 12/1
Don David 12/1
Eric Reese 12/1
Bob Stone 12/1
Linda Cox 12/2
James Creek 12/2
Debe Tilghman 12/2
Phil Tilghman 12/2
Linda Campbell 12/3
Bill Roehl 12/3
Kathy Tillett 12/3
Sandy Phillips 12/5
Frank Butler 12/6
Sheryl Dennis 12/6
Sandra Brumble 12/8
Angela Jestes 12/8
Mary Jones 12/8
Judith Hardee 12/9
Diane Hurlbut 12/9
Mike Richbourg 12/9
Kay Rudd 12/9
Robert Brien 12/10
Bill Templeton 12/10
Karen Burke 12/12
Katherine Forbes 12/12
Cathy Sivertsen 12/12
Bob Ambrose 12/13
Julie King 12/13
Peggy Lewter 12/14
Charles Smith 12/15
Daphene Hearon 12/16
Alice James 12/16
Sally Howard 12/16
Tony Smith 12/16
Georgia Williams 12/16
Gordon Robinson 12/17
Colette Webster 12/17
Maxine Brown 12/18
Don Rust 12/18
Patti Ballard 12/19
Hank Beuke 12/19
Lauralee Bradt 12/19
Sonny Dellinger 12/19
Jack Geenty 12/19
Judy Mullen 12/19
Ed Osborne 12/19
Diane Colarik 12/20
Sara Pleasant 12/20
Sharon Simpson 12/20
Debra Blackburn 12/21
Jane Elkin 12/22
Steve Earles 12/24
Carole Cooper 12/25
Kathy Sanders 12/26
Onie Trexler 12/26
Laura Baron 12/27
John Breeden 12/27
Newton Mullins 12/27
Ann Soter 12/27
Kathryn Tilghman 12/27
Debra Mastroianni 12/28
Jeannie Brandt 12/29
Debbie Blackwell 12/30
Jackie Perdue 12/30
Billy Pinson 12/30
Karen Young 12/30
Carol Leckie 12/31
Janet Thompson 12/31