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20190813 Presidents Letter

Hello OD Shag Club members and welcome to August, 2019!  We are in the heat of August but I can’t think of a better place to be than in North Myrtle Beach!  The tourists are here in droves and hopefully are having fun so they will come back again next year. 

We will be having our Nominations Party at Fat Harold’s on Saturday the 17that 6:00 pm and I will look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible!  If you are interested in running for any office or know anyone who is interested in running, then you should be prepared to nominate them at the party or get someone to nominate you, if you are interested. The only requirement for running for office is that for the office of president, the person must have previously been an officer or board member.  All other offices are open to any club member in good standing.  I guess in good standing means that you have paid your dues for this year.

I know everyone is looking forward to Fall Migration SOS coming up next month, from September 12-21.  Of course, we will be having our Fall Migration Brunch at the O.D. Arcade on the 15thbeginning at 10:00 am.

Also, don’t forget our O.D. Shag Club Charity Golf Tournament which, as usual, will be held at The Valley at Eastport in Little River.  This is a great event and everyone who comes out usually has a great time! If you are a golfer and have not signed up to play, you really should give it a try!  And if you are not a golfer, we can certainly find a place for you to help.  We usually have a lot of great raffle prizes and hardly anyone who has bought any raffle tickets goes home without a prize or two!

Also, if you are interested in going on our O.D. Shag Club Blues Cruise to Nowhere, on Friday, October 4th, you should immediately contact Gordon Robinson at 910-579-4604 and let him know.  The cost is $15.00 for one and $25.00 for two. We will be cruising on the Hurricane II out of the Calabash waterfront.  Boarding begins at 5:00 pm and the music begins at 5:30 provided by the Charlie Snuggs Blues Crew.  The ship sails at 6:00 pm.

By the way at the last count, we were just short of 800 members.

20190727 Charity Fun Run

Charity Fun Run


Monica Powell


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Our Charity Fun Run was held on a hot, sunny day the last Saturday of July.  We started at the OD Arcade.  Donna Williams and Cindy Day signed all 140 players in at the desk and then they proceeded over to the table to draw their first card. 

Many thanks to all our participating clubs., OD Arcade, Saville’s on Second, 810 Bowling, Duck’s and Fat Harold’s.  Not only did they open their doors to us with great service and smiles, each venue donated prizes to be given away at our raffles.  We also want to thank Allstate Insurance, Graham’s Golf Carts, Al Cosgrove and Navajo Sunglasses for raffle prizes.

After everything was counted, our winner was Sonia Brooks with the most points. Lamar Vaughn came in second and Kathy McCoy has the lowest points.  Billy Powell and Sandy Cummings did a great job selling 50/50 tickets and our winner, Justin Owens, took home $644.00.

This event could not have happened without all of our volunteers.  Many thanks to:  Nancy Sook, John Barringer, Lou Garrenton, Dickie Garrenton, Larry Jones, Terry McCoy, Kathy McCoy, Jessie Becker, Billie Reitz, Bill Bacon, Joan Bacon, Cindy Day, Tim Webb, Paula Webb, Billy Powell. Tina Tomberlin, and Paulette Miller.

After everything was finished, we were able to donate $2,089 to the Junior Shag Dance Team.  Their next competition is the US Open Swing Dance Championship in California in November. We wish them the best of luck and thank them for keeping the dance flame going!

Photos by Lou Martino and Nancy Pardini

20190727 Building Suppliers Assoc.,

Building Material Suppliers Association


Lou Martino

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On July 27, 2019, the ODSC Dance Team was invited to the Building Material Suppliers Association Convention at the Double Tree Resort in Myrtle Beach, SC from 5:30PM thru 7:00PM.

We were asked to demonstrate the Shag Dance and instruct those who were interested to learn to do the Shag.

Just a few attendees knew how to Shag however there were many that wanted to learn. We danced for the first half hour while the members of the association trickled in during their happy hour and pre-meeting.

After a brief introduction by our spokesperson Linda Campbell, the members of the Dance Team danced as a group since the area to dance in was so big and the association members where having a meet and greet.

Many of the members of their association were from all over the country and many of them did not know what the Shag Dance was all about. A couple of members from North Carolina came up and encouraged other members to participate. Over all we all had a great time.

Thank you, Jessica Cutler, DMCP event planner for inviting to this event. If you would like an event planner Jessica does a great job. Here website is

Also, thank you Corey the DJ for providing the music. Great DJ and easy to work with.

A special thank you to the members of the Dance Team who participated in this event: Burnie and Donna Williams, Lou Martino, Linda Campbell, and Lori and John Setzer.

Photos by Lou Martino