Meet your Worker Bees

Ways and Means

Meet our ODSC Ways and Means Chairpersons


Monica Powell

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   Cathy Jamiolkowski         Connie Livingston

Do you know our Ways and Means Workers

There are two people in the ODSC that are responsible for all our Logo merchandise and our 50/50 raffles……and they are Cathy and Connie. I want to tell you a little about both of them. Most importantly, they were gracious enough to take the job of Ways and Means Chairpersons and they are doing a fantastic job!

Cathy is married to her darling husband, Rich Jamiolkowski. They are from Pennsylvania and vacationed here in NMB for years. Once they retired, they started being snowbirds. Then they realized that this is paradise and moved to NMB in August, 2015. Cathy has been a member of the ODSC for two years. Her favorite Shag Club event is Myrtle Manor. She believes it is really rewarding to spend time with the residents and the residents really appreciate all the shag entertainment.

The second member of the team is Connie Livingston. Connie and her husband, Jim, are originally from Ohio have been snowbirds for about 5 years. In 2015, they decided to make NMB their home. Jim has recently been a contractor for the new house they are building and once upon a time, Connie was an Aquatics Director for a health club in Ohio. Connie has been a member for two years and she loves all the parades. Be sure and ask Connie and Jim about their very talented terrier. She does a lot of tricks and is one of the riders in all our parades!

Please take a moment to let Connie and Cathy know how much we appreciate all the work they do for the shag club! They have been troopers and have done a great job!

Worker Bees Ways & Means

Meet Our Worker Bee of the Month .. Beth Cornwell


Tina Tomberlin

201502 Oyster Roast 74

Do you know our Ways & Means Chairperson….Beth Cornwell?

After coming to NMB all her life Beth, and her husband Joe, bought a house here in Ocean Drive in 2010. They both retired in 2012 and moved here permanently that same year from Huntersville, NC. Beth said she loves living at the beach where she is only a short golf cart drive to the beach where her family and friends can come to visit. And speaking of family; Beth is the mother of three children and grandmother or “Baaba” to six wonderful grandchildren. Prior to retirement Beth spent 36 years in the education field as both a teacher and an assistant principal. Being married to a retired teacher myself, my guess would be that was 36 long years!

Beth and Joe joined the club in January of 2013 and just jumped right in. They attend the monthly parties and volunteer wherever needed. Beth said her favorite ODSC events are the Poker Run and the SOS Parade. She likes the comradery and creativeness she has seen while participating in these events and loves being a part of the creative process. Beth has volunteered to help sell logo merchandise during SOS ever since joining the club and did such a great job she was asked to chair the committee this year! She is doing a fine job too!!

One of Beth’s favorite beach music songs is What You Do To Me, by the Embers. When asked what her favorite memory or ODSC story was she said it was this moment….being honored as a Worker Bee! Beth said she loves working with the club and all the hard working individuals.  I say, Way To Go Beth! And by the way can I get that shirt in a different color, different size and different sleeve???

Worker Bees Membership

Meet our Membership Chairperson – “Linda Morrison”

By Monica Powell

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                                 Linda Morrison                         Heidi Cross

I hope that most of you have had the pleasure of meeting our Membership Chairperson, Linda Morrison. Linda does a fantastic job of keeping our ever growing membership straight! She keeps up with new members, birthdays, renewals, committee volunteers and many other items.

Linda moved to NMB from Richmond, Virginia in 2008. Her hubby, not her hubby at the time, moved to NMB in 2007 and they tried a long distance romance. Romance was not to be denied so she moved and they married in 2009. Linda was a member of the ODSC in 2000 for one year, since she was at the beach so often, but as soon as she moved here permanently, she joined the Club. In addition to her club duties, Linda is a computer analyst for Northrup Grumman Corporation.

When you are new in a town, you wonder how to meet people. I know that I did and Linda felt the same. She was hoping to make a lot of new friends when she joined the Club. One way to do that is to volunteer. Linda has served on the Entertainment/Decoration Committee and Hospitality Committee. She has been the chairperson for Entertainment/Decorating Committee and now is our Membership Guru.  What a great way to meet new people!

Linda’s favorite OD Shag Club party is the Halloween Party. If you know Linda, you will understand. She is an excellent costume designer. I remember seeing her as an M & M along with some other shag club members. Her favorite costume was when she and Brian dressed up as shag shoes. Boy, that Brian is a good sport! I would love to see them dance as shag shoes to their favorite shag song, “Satisfy My Soul”.

Linda has a great group of helpers when she needs them. Her team consists of Heidi Cross, Beth Cribb, Millie Patton, Robert Schwelus, Betty Ann (BA) Sharpe, Jan Rink, Bill Van Steenburg, Bill Joerger, Joyce and Geoff Girling!

Worker Bees Hospitality

OD Shag Club Hospitality Committee


Left to right: Cassy Schumway, Martha Murph, Judie Sheppard, Cindy Day – Chairman.

One of the many things that makes the OD Shag Club special is our Hospitality Committee. Cindy Day and her team comprised of Judi Shepard, Martha Murph and Cassy Shumway greet and welcome everyone to our parties. They have a way of making all of us feel special! Let me tell us a little about this great team!

Cindy Day was born in the “arctic tundra” of Minot, North Dakota. The record low in Minot has been as cold as -49 degrees. No wonder Cindy moved to South Carolina 35 years ago! Cindy has been a decorator for Belk for over 10 years and has been a member of the OD Shag Club since 2008. Since joining the Shag Club, Cindy jumped right in and joined the Decorations Committee and has been the Chairman of the Hospitality Committee for 3 years. Her favorite OD Shag Club event is the Oyster Roast. Who doesn’t love the Oyster Roast? She loves Darius Rucker music and loves being on the Hospitality Committee.

Judie Shepard was born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada! I hear it can be rather cold in Canada, as well! Judie moved to NMB in 1997 from St. Simons Island, GA where she was a charter member of the Golden Isles Shag Club. Judie has been a member since 1997 and has worked on the Decorations Committee, Golf Tournament and Hospitality Committee. Judie’s favorite OD Shag Club event is the Christmas party where everyone is all dressed up and looking fine! Her favorite shag song is “Move Across the River”. I heard through the grapevine that Judie has sold more than 1 ticket at our golf cart raffle tent!

Martha Murph comes to us by way of St. Paul’s, North Carolina. She and her husband had been coming to the SOS for years and decided to move here in 1999. She has been a member of the OD Shag Club for 17 years. Martha has served on many committees including Ways and Means and she must love the Hospitality Committee since she has been on the committee 3 previous times. Her favorite OD Shag Club event is the Christmas party so she can see a lot of the members in all their glitter! Martha tells me that once upon a time, the OD Shag Club had a Laugh-In Wall and they were hysterical. Maybe we can reinvent the wall at some point!

Cassy Shumway was born in Plattsburg, New York. When she and Tim retired from the Air Force in 1996, they beat a path to NMB! Cassy runs her own cleaning service. She has been on the Decorations Committee, Entertainment Committee, Board Member and Hospitality Committee. Cassy is one of our Al Cain Award winners and is currently a board member. Cassy loves Bruno Mars’ new song – Funk You Up and she loves the Clean Sweep event! Who knew?

One thing the Hospitality Committee has in common is that they all volunteer for various jobs in the OD Shag Club and have fun while participating!

Please say Hello to our Hospitality Committee and thank them for everything they do!

Way to Go, Ladies!