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Al Cain Award Recipients

Al Cain Award Nomination Form

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Previous recipients of the Al Cain Award

Donnie Schultz 2017

Lou Martino 2016

Karen Young 2015

Bob Sanders 2014

Susan Harrell 2013

Cassy Shumway 2012

Carolyn Beach 2011

Etta Allen 2010

Jennifer Sykes 2009

Bruce Fitzsimmons and Debra Brown 2008

Larry Allen 2007

Jerry Sheets 2006

Phil Benedict 2005

Larry and Bonnie Aldridge 2004

Reamonia Matthews 2003

Paul and Vickie Harrison 2002

John Barringer 2001

John Barnett and Jerry Barnett 2000

Gene Blair 1999

Bill and Beverly Clinard 1998

Sherry Holcomb, Flash and Babs Ludwick 1997

Lou Ann Roehl, Don and Becki David 1996

Sonny and Gloria Lee 1995

Karen Young – Al Cain Award 2015

Al Cain Award Recipient 2015


Karen Young

Karen Young is an asset to the OD Shag Club. Karen joined the ODSC in 2008 and has been involved since the beginning. She served as the Food Committee Co-Chair in 2008 and 2009. Karen served as the Membership Chairman in 2010 and 2011 and co-chaired the Cruise to Nowhere with Howard Stallings. Karen was a board member 2012 and 2013 and she served as President of the OD Shag Club in 2014. Karen was one of the Co-Chairs for the Charity Golf Tournament in 2015.

In addition the many committees she has chaired, Karen has helped with the Ways and Mean selling shirts and other items. She has sold 50/50 tickets. She has participated in numerous Clean Sweep events and has co-chaired the Charity Golf Tournament. She has obtained many sponsors and raffle items, which funds our charity giving. Karen participated in updating the By-Laws for the Club.

Thank you Karen for everything you do for the OD Shag Club!

A response From Karen Young

I would like to thank the shag club members for my nomination for the Al Cain award and the Board Members for choosing me for the award.  I was surprised and honored by this designation.  The OD Shag Club has been our second family since we moved to the beach.  I have enjoyed volunteering for the different committees and have made so many friends in the process. I plan to remain active in the Shag Club events in the years to come as the rewards for doing so are countless.


Karen Young

Committee Chairs 2016


Dolly McDermott 301-466-9632

Liaison: Beth Cornwell
Mobile:  704-236-5439


Clean Sweep

Bill & Joan Bacon

Tim & Paula Webb

Liaison: Jerry Harrell
Home: 843-427-4752 – Mobile: 803-627-2725


Dance Team

Lou Martino  Home: 843-497-8532

Liaison: Monica Powell
Home: 843-361-3218 – Mobile: 704-996-7032



Kathy McCoy Mobile: 803-572-1310

Liaison: Brian Schmitt
Home: 843-399-4546 – Mobile: 803-397-3800



Donnie Schultz 843-424-2644

Liaison: Vic Gillespie  Mobile: 843-504-5546



Cindy Day 843-734-0231

Liaison: Cassy Shumway
Mobile: 843-457-7025



Linda Morrison 804-564-8223

Liaison: Monica Powell
Home: 843-361-3218 – Mobile: 704-996-7032



Sandy Cummings

Liaison: Monica Powell
Home: 843-361-3218 – Mobile: 704-996-7032



Wendy Schultz  843 424-2486

Liaison: Tina Tomberlin
Mobile: 704-221-2902


Lou Martino Home:843-497-8532

Liaison: Jerry Harrell
Home: 843-427-4752 – Mobile: 803-627-2725


Remembrance/ Communications

Faye Chowning

Dolly McDermott

Liaison: Linda Campbell
Home: 843-399-8180 – Mobile: 803-528-0774


Ways and Means

Cathy Jamiolkowski

Connie Livingston 

Liaison: Beth Cornwell
Mobile: 704-236-5439


Lou Martino Home:843-497-8532

Liaison: Monica Powell
Home: 843-361-3218 Mobile: 704-996-7032

Special Projects

Cruise to Nowhere/Bus to Somewhere

Bill & Joan Bacon

Liaison: Cassy Shumway
Mobile: 843-457-7025


Golf Tournament

Geoff Girling 843-870-1857

Ken Meyer

Rich & Karen Young 843-399-4861

Liaison: Brian Schmitt
Home: 843-399-4546 – Mobile: 803-397-3800


Fun Monday Tickets

Lou Garrenton
Home:843 272-1817 – Mobile:804 363-3152

Liaison: Linda Campbell
Home: 843-399-8180 – Mobile: 803-528-0774


Fund Raiser

Billy Powell 704-231-9818

Liaison: Terry McCoy Mobile: 803-572-1314


Oyster Roast

Donnie Schultz 843-424-2644

Liaison: Vic Gillespie  Mobile:843-504-5546


MB Manor

Joe Ferlauto
Home:843-399-4943 – Mobile:973-803-8300

Liaison: Tina Tomberlin
Mobile: 704-221-2902


2015 Food Drive

Food Drive


Karen Young


Click Here to see more pictures

The Joy of Christmas is giving. We would like to thank all the members who brought food for the two needy families that the OD Shag Club adopted for Christmas. The two families had a total of eight children for whom we were able to provide Christmas presents and brighten their holiday. I also would like to thank Cindy Day for helping me to shop for the Christmas gifts; those members who worked so hard to sort the donated food for the two families; Bill and Joan Bacon for hosting the sorting job and Wendy and Donnie Schultz, Peggy Christie, and Rich Young who delivered the items to the school. It warms our hearts to be able to do this each year and provide a Christmas for families who need our help.

2015 Christmas at the Manor

Myrtle Beach Manor Annual Christmas Visit December 7th 2015


Joe Ferlauto


To see pictures of this event – Click Here

I would like to start off by saying thank you to all the members of the OD Shag Club who came out and participated in this special evening. The residents of the Manor, and there were many in attendance, were so thoroughly entertained that by nights end everyone was still in their seats.

The night started off with the OD Shag Club Dance Team, doing a couple of group dances. Linda Campbell, Lou Martino and Lenny Gardner then entertained the residents with a three-person dance. Lenny told a few jokes. The woman of the Club then proceeded to give out the brooches that the club provided. Cookies and punch were distributed while the brooches were pined on the lady residents. The party continued as yours truly cranked up the music and we danced with most the residents.

Paul Craver arrived and entertained the residents with two beautiful songs “Make the World Go Away”, and “White Christmas”. As Paul sang these songs he worked the room looking into the faces and holding hands with many the lady residents, he certainly made them feel special. Thank you Paul.

Linda Campbell and Lou Martino, who dressed as toy soldiers, came out and proceeded to march up and down the room, than stood at attention as Santa (Bob Sanders) made his entrance. Santa personally greeted each and every resident as the members of the club were distributing the presents.

We were than entertained by Sheila and Bill Blazer, who are participants in the 2016 National Shag Championship. Sheila and Bill gave us a preview of their dance routine for the Nationals and the residents were in complete awe.

The members, along with Santa than danced and sang with the residents, we had a group sing-a-long and we closed with everyone singing “GOD BLESS AMERICA”

All in all it was a very good evening both for the residents of the Manor as well as the members of the club.

A special thank you goes to Jon Harris, our Master of ceremony for the evening.

Until next year, this is Joe Ferlauto, your Myrtle Beach Manor Chair, saying thank you and may each and every one of you have a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.


2015 Christmas Parade

Christmas Parade


Cassy Shumway

2015 Christmas Parade 01

To see pictures of the parade – Click Here

What a beautiful night for a parade! There was not a rain cloud in the sky, but there was a chill in the air. It felt like Christmas! We had 102 people that were in the finest Christmas outfits for the parade and 29 golf carts that were decorated from roof to the tires. What a great turnout! We had 2 toys soldiers to hold our banner to lead the OD Shag Club through the NMB parade then we had the walkers to hand out candy and beads to the children. Everyone did a great job. The OD Shag Club was escorted out by a giant 4-car train; then all the colorful and decorated golf carts followed. It was a great time for everyone that was in the parade……MERRY CHRISTMAS TOO ALL OF THE OD SHAG CLUB MEMEBERS.

Palmetto Health foundation – Camp Kemo

Palmetto Health Foundation – Camp Kemo

20150419 Golf Brunch Kemo 88

Camp Kemo during Fall SOS. Camp Kemo is a camp for children with cancer and their families. For these kids it may be a brief moment of joy in a life that has its share of pain and fear, and the week-long camp can provide them with a normal childhood experience.


Camp Kemo

Ellen Taylor Foundation

Ellen Taylor Foundation


The Ellen Taylor Foundation for Junior Shaggers (ETFJS) was founded in 2007 by Mrs. Ellen Taylor. The purpose of the ETFJS is to remove financial barriers that prevent those under 21 from learning and participating in the shag dance. Examples of this include providing free dance shoes, funding workshops, and providing meal, lodging, and gas vouchers for shag dance events such as Junior SOS at North Myrtle Beach. Our club was was proud to present a $500.00 donation to Ellen Taylor Foundation.


Ellen Taylor 1 1


Ellen Taylor 2


Ellen Taylor 3

Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame


The Hall of Fame Foundation provides financial assistance to people in need and has helped many of our members in the past. They help with medical expenses, wheelchairs, rehabilitation and much more. OD Shag Club supports the Hall of FameFoundation to help “Care for Friends”.

North Myrtle Beach Explorers 2015

North Myrtle Beach Explorers


The North Myrtle Beach Public Safety Explorer program is chartered through the Learning For Life subsidiary of the Boy Scouts of America and is open to young men and women between the ages of 14 and 20. This program is sponsored by the Law Enforcement division of the Public Safety Department in an effort to reach out to the youth in our community. Public Safety officers work with the Explorer Post providing a structured program that allows our youth to learn first hand about law enforcement practices and the application of state and local laws within our community.

Teen Angels

Teen Angels


Teen Angel, a program that helps homeless North Myrtle Beach High School students. Teen Angel began as a way to provide homeless NMB students with Christmas gifts and food, the program provides the students with rental and utility assistance, fees for college applications, school supplies and food. OD Shag Club takes pride in having the opportunity to help with our $1000 donation to this worthy program.