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20180801 Presidents Letter

Wow! The month of July has been a busy one for the OD Shag Club. We had over 179 Juniors and their guests to attend our Annual Jr SOS Brunch on July 22nd and we were honored, along with the OD Shag Club Foundation to present them with a donation of $1500 to help them to continue the preservation and perpetuation of the dance that we all love.

If you missed our Annual Charity Fun Run on July 28th, then you missed an “awesomely good time”! The weather had been threatening ALL week with rain, however, it turned out to be a PERFECT day for all the stops that we had planned for the “players” and “riders”. Some 162 people attended and 142 players participated in the run, which helped us be able to help support, our Junior Shaggers Dance Team (a 501c3 organization) as our charity for the day. See the OD Shag Club Website for the article on both and the wonderful pictures that Lou Martino, our club photographer captured.

It is that time of year for nominations of our Officers of the    2019 year. Please consider running as an Officer. We have the following positions open for next year:

President, Vice President, Treasurer, and 3 Board Positions. This is a WONDERFUL way to get to know YOUR club and YOUR club members. WE need YOU to be INVOLVED and YOUR VOICE. Please contact John Setzer, our Nominating Chairperson at jrsetzer@gmail.comif you are interested in running OR hearing more about any of the positions.

Don’t forget our Nominations Party to be held at Fat Harold’s on August 15th and be on the lookout for ALL the activities on  our website for August as well. SOS Fall Migration is just around the corner and we will need your help in selling Ways and Means Merchandise (a lot of great new stuff to sell) and we are almost at our goal for the Golf Cart Fundraiser Tickets to be sold, and of course our ANNUAL GOLF TOURNEY, so we NEED ALL YOUR HELP!

As OUR YEAR winds down, check where YOU can play a VITAL role in being an active member and VOLUNTEER at least ONCE during this time. You will be surprised how much FUN you will have!

Please let me know how I can help you and of course I will see YOU on the dance floor!

20180728 Charity Fun Run

Charity Fun Run


Tina Tomberlin

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Saturday July 28ththe ODSC hosted the annual Charity Fun Run and thankfully under sunny skies. Although the forecast had been predicting rain and thunderstorms, the weather proved to be perfect for the participants who showed up in a multitude of golf carts and cars. 

The day began at the OD Arcade where 162 registered and 145 signed up to take their chance at winning one of the many prizes handed out throughout the afternoon and early evening. The next stop on the schedule was Castaways, where under bright sunshine we enjoyed cold drinks by the ocean, raffled prizes and began to see how our card hand was going to take shape…high, low or like mine, somewhere in between.  After Castaways the cool air conditioning at 710 was a welcome relief as we drew another card and once again handed out more raffle prizes.  From there it was on to Duck’s where more cold beverages were consumed and many of us realized it was past time to purchase a mulligan and get rid of that troublesome card that was hurting our chances of competing for the big prize money.  Once the raffle prizes were given out we trekked across the street to Fat Harold’s to complete the final leg of our Fun Run.

This final stop is where many made the decision to purchase another mulligan or two to get rid of card/cards they felt were hurting their chance at the grand prizes. For several this was a gut wrenching decision. I say gut wrenching because for the first time in the history of this event we had a tie for the highest AND for the lowest hand.  The players in the running knew they were close in score to another player, because you know word gets around, so when they decided to purchase a mulligan they were very aware that the card they drew could mean the difference in winning and losing.  There was lots of shuffling and sliding cards around to draw that special card!

So while totaling the scores, the tension mounted and the end result was that Bob Lucas and Jeff James were tied at 59 for the Highest Hand. In true competitive fashion they decided rather than split the prize they would draw one more card and whoever drew the highest card would be declared the winner.  Sooo, after one more “gut wrenching” draw, Bob Lucas walked away with the $500 prize and Jeff James took home the 2ndHighest Hand prize of $300.  For the Lowest Hand Becki Roberts and Bob Miller, who happen to be friends, were tied at 7.  They decided to split the prize and both took home $100.  What an exciting finish to such a fun day of competition!!!  And you know what…these winners weren’t even the ones who took home the most money.  That honor went to Terry McCoy who won the 50/50 drawing. He walked away with $568!!!  Wow what a jackpot!

HUGE thanks go to Wendy Schultz and Monica Powell co-chairs of this event, whose careful planning and hard work were paramount in the success of this fundraiser.  As with any project, the success depends on not only the leaders but the team who help carry out the leader’s mission, so thanks to everyone who helped in any way.  I’m not going to name names because I’m sure I would leave someone out.  You know who you are so pat yourself on the back and take pride in knowing you contributed in making this fun filled event a big success. Your willingness to help is greatly appreciated!

As mentioned several times above we did hand out raffle prizes at each location.  Our sincere thanks go to Allstate, Grahams Golf Cars, Synovus Bank, Karen and Rich Young, Nancy Sook, the ODSC Ways and Means Committee, OD Arcade, Castaways, 710, Duck’s and Fat Harold’s for their generous donations of items to raffle.  In addition to items from these contributors we also raffled prizes of $20 and $40 at each stop along our way. 

While there were many winners throughout the day the biggest winner of all was of course this year’s charity, the Junior Shagger Dance Team (a 501c3 organization.) They will use these monies to help with costs they incur during their travels to various competitions and exhibitions.  As an organization whose purpose is to help promote and preserve the Shag, the OD Shag Club should be very proud to be able to help the future generation do exactly that! 

Congratulations to all the winners!

Thanks to all who worked so hard!

Special thanks everyone who participated!

Until next year when hopefully I will have better luck of the draw!

Photos by Lou Martino

20180722 Junior SOS

Junior SOS Brunch


Bill Bacon

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The OD Shag Club held our annual brunch for the Junior Shaggers and their parents to help them cap off their Junior Shaggers SOS on Sunday, July 22nd in the back room of Fat Harold’s.  We had a great turnout by members of the OD Shag Club with 52 members either working or bringing food or both.  We served a total of 179 Junior Shaggers and parents. 

Afterwards, the Junior Shaggers, their parents, and members of our club who were there, went into the main room of Fat Harold’s for a Gospel Hour where we listened to some great live gospel music sung by beautiful young ladies who are Junior Shaggers, and to an “Awesome” sermon given by Ken Jones, a part-time DJ at Fat Harold’s who hails from Maple Hill up in Pender County, NC.

After all of the announcements and singing by the Junior Shaggers, Linda Campbell our President presented a check in the amount of $1500.00 to the Junior Shaggers Association.

Thank you to all the members of our club who brought food and or helped out in some way to make this event a great success!  Remember, the Junior Shaggers are the future of our club and the future of the shag dance as well!

Photos by Lou Martino

20180715 ACSC Meeting

ACSC Meeting


Linda Campbell

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Everyone began arriving to Durham NC for the ACSC Summer Workshop to be held July 13‐15 at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel. There was lots of excitement and activity everywhere. People were trying to check in, somewhere sitting in the lobby waiting to check in while others were having a blast in the Hospitality Room. While in the Hospitality Room, one was offered drinks, beer and wine along with some fun games to play. While playing games such as “Party Plinko”, “Lucky Casino Blackjack”, “Party Pong”, and “The Captains Table”, when you won you were given tickets so you could put them in several give-­‐away baskets of your choice.   

Later that night, in the Imperial Ballroom Chigger Woods DJ’d our favorite tunes prior to The Magnificent Band coming on the play until midnight. For those who wanting to dance to the fantastic music of old shag, Betty Brown, was playing in the Empire Room. 

Saturday began with a fantastic buffet breakfast for everyone. Officers and others headed to the ACSC meeting while guests and families headed to the pool for a wonderful pool party. After the ACSC meeting, those in the meeting joined the fun for a great afternoon around the pool. There were all kinds of fun activities going on inside and outside the pool from “riding chickens”to a“wet t‐shirt” contest (not with women but with men).

 Later that evening there was a Captains Reception and two wonderful DJs with Chigger Woods and Buck Crumpton playing till way in the night.

After another wonderful buffet breakfast Sunday morning, goodbyes were said to each other and everyone looks forward to the upcoming Fall Migration.

20180701 Presidents Letter

Happy 4th   of July to everyone.   Wow…what hot temperatures we have had and the beach is getting really busy with tourists and relaxing time here in ourPARADISE.

Lots going on for the OD Shag Club in the month of July. Starting with an event that we always look forward to and that is the Jr SOS brunch on July 22 at Fat Harold’s. Of course, this is the closing of an amazing week for the Jr’s, as Gene Pope and all his dedicated workers strive to keep the shag going through these wonderfulkids.

I am asking that ALL the membership help us out by bringing a casserole or fruit to help feed these Jr’s and their chaperones and help  to make this a great success as we have had in the past. Please email Wendy Shultz at  and  let her know what you are willing to bring for the brunch.

Another event happening in July will be our Charity Fun Run on July 28 beginning at OD Arcade at 1:00pm. Please tell all your friends and family to join us for a great day filled with lots of stops at some great places, lots of prizes and of course the great payout as we endatFatHarold’sforsnacksandsomecash.

Our Charity for the day will be the Junior Dance Team so let’s all come and support this great group of kids.

We are looking for officers and board members for the 2019 year. Board Member, John Setzer is the Chair of the Nominations Committee, along with Board Members Nancy Sook and Cindy Day. Rounding out the committee is Sandy Cummings and Bill Millman. If you are interested in running for one of the positions available, please contact John Setzer at is a great way to get involved in the club, meet   lots of members and play a vital role in keeping the shag clubsuccess.

My my, lots going on and now is a great time to get involved and get know the membership and have some great fun too. Enjoy your summer, stay safe and of course we hope to see you on the dancefloor!

20180608 Day Lillies

Day Lillies


Linda Campbell

Click Here  to see Photos of this event

On June 08, 2018 the OD Shag Club Dance Team was invited to dance for the National DayliliesConvention at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center from 6:30-­‐8:30pm. 

As the team arrived to dance, there were lots of activities going on for those attending the convention from displays of Daylilies, to Photo Ops along with funny props and of course their dinner and awards banquet.  

The dance team arrived on stage to entertain almost 600 plus attendees between their dinner and awards. As we began our demonstration, there was a new “music technician” at the helm, as John Setzer was filling in for Lou Martino, who unfortunately was in the hospital and couldn’t be with us. He was truly missed that night. However, John did a fantastic job!  

Those in attendance were Barbara Hopper, Connie Livingston, Cherie Patalik, Bill and Diane Millman, Cathy and Rich Jamiolkowski, Burnie and Donna Williams, John and Lorie Setzer, Ted Sobol and Callie White and Linda Campbell.