Al Cain Award

Al Cain Recipient 2022

Linda Campbell

My name is Linda Benfield Campbell.  I currently reside in Longs, SC after relocating here from Columbia SC in 2010.  I am originally from Statesville, NC and have been employed with Aflac as a Sales Associate for over 20 years. While working with Aflac, I have held several positions including: State Training Coordinator for NC, SC, and Florida, District Sales Coordinator in NC, SC, and Florida and Training Manager at Aflac’s World-Wide Headquarters in Columbus, Ga.

I began shag dancing with my Twin Sister, Brenda, in Statesville, NC in 1996. While in Statesville I was a member of several shag clubs, and I held numerous positions within the Statesville Shag Club including Secretary, Vice President. I also chaired the Entertainment/Decorating and Ways and Means committees.  In September of 2001, I won the Rookies Revenge Contest during SOS with Larry Davis.

I have been a member of the OD Shag club for over 10 years. I have held several positions with the OD Shag Club and am currently the Advertising Chair.  In 2018 I was the Club President, 2017 Vice- President.  In 2015 I was elected to the 2016 Executive Board.  I was the Entertainment/Decorating Co-Chair for 2 years (2011-2012), Co- Chaired the Vacation Giveaway Fundraiser 2013 and Chaired the 2014 Golf Cart Fundraiser.  In 2012, Lou Martino and I founded the ODSC Dance Demo Team that has grown to over 20 members. We demonstrate the shag to nursing homes/assisted living homes in the community, conventions, weddings and just about anywhere we can showcase the dance. Since being a member, I have volunteered for many of the events of The ODSC including participating in parades, golf tournaments, ways and means, and serving at the Brunches and our parties, etc.

I do love to dance but more importantly I love to promote and preserve the dance. I dance at least 2 nights a week at Fat Harold’s (at least PRE-COVID). During this time, I am either dancing or enjoy talking about my love for the dance, by getting others involved in the dance and our ODSC club. 

As a board member, I ask for your support. I wish to continue to strive to better our club by being your “voice” and listening to you as a membership and dedicate my time and my support in making sure that we are one club that is community minded, preserving the dance we all love and most importantly striving to bring together everyone to become a wonderful shag family.

2021 Al Cain Winner

Al Cain Award

Billy Powell

This year, our winner has been a member for ten years and jumped into help from the beginning.   He has worked the Golf Tournament numerous years, helped the Food Committee, been the Golf Cart Raffle Chairman, sold golf cart tickets every year, sold merchandise, cleaned streets, cleaned the storage building numerous times, and sold thousands of dollars of 50/50 tickets at parties, Oyster Roast and the Fun Run.
This winner has been on the Board of Directors, served as Vice President and President, but you may know him best as our Parade Chairman for many years.
Congratulations to our 2021 Al Cain Award Winner……….Billy Powell.

Al Cain Award Terry McCoy 2020

Terry McCoy

The Al Cain Award is the most prestigious award given by the OD Shag Club.  This award is given to a member who works tirelessly for our club over a number of years.  Our winner this year is Terry McCoy.

Terry has been a member of the OD Shag Club for 10 years.  He has served as President, Vice-President, co-chair of our Charity Golf Tournament for several years, chairman of our Food Committee for several years, chairman of the Golf Cart Fundraiser, board member of the ODSC Foundation just to name a few.  Terry has worked for almost every committee and volunteers to help with any event.

2019 Monica Powell

Al Cain Award 2019

Monica has been a member of the ODSC for 8 years and has been involved with many of the activities of the club.  She has served as Secretary, Vice President and President.  Monica currently serves as chair of the Communications Committee and Co-Chair of the Charity Fun Run, but has spent much time helping with parades, fund raising, Ways and Means, clean sweep, Fun Run and our golf tournament.  She has promoted our dance by helping to produce a video for the North Myrtle Beach Historical Museum and by coordinating with the Junior Shaggers to share their talent with our club. 

While Monica was President, she began the beginner shag classes and SASS (Share a Shag Step).  She was also instrumental in forming the ODSC Foundation to establish 501c3 status for the club.  She currently serves as Chair of the Foundation. 

Monica has spent many hours working for the club and cheerfully looks forward continuing her work.  Please join me in congratulating Monica Powell as our Al Cain Award winner for 2019!



20181115 Al Cain Award – Wendy Schultz


The most prestigious award given by the ODSC is the Al Cain Award and the winner for 2018 is Wendy Schultz!

Wendy has been a member of the ODSC for 17 years.  She has served as Vice President and President.  She is currently on the ODSC Foundation Board.  Wendy was Parade Chairman 7 years, served as Hospitality Chair in 2007 and was the Charities Committee Chair in 2012.  If that was not enough, Wendy has been the Oyster Roast Co-Chair for the last 3 years and has been the Food Committee Co-Chair for the last 4 years.  Wendy has also been the Chairman or Co-Chair for the Charity Fun Run for the last 3 years.

As the Parade Chair or Food Committee Chairperson, it means that you do a lot of the work behind the scenes.  Many trips to hardware store for the Parades and hundreds of trips to Costco and grocery stores as Food Committee Chairperson.

Wendy has put thousands of hours of work in helping support the ODSC and does it all with a smile!  What a worthy recipient of this award!

Al Cain Award Recipients

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Previous recipients of the Al Cain Award

Donnie Schultz 2017

Lou Martino 2016

Karen Young 2015

Bob Sanders 2014

Susan Harrell 2013

Cassy Shumway 2012

Carolyn Beach 2011

Etta Allen 2010

Jennifer Sykes 2009

Bruce Fitzsimmons and Debra Brown 2008

Larry Allen 2007

Jerry Sheets 2006

Phil Benedict 2005

Larry and Bonnie Aldridge 2004

Reamonia Matthews 2003

Paul and Vickie Harrison 2002

John Barringer 2001

John Barnett and Jerry Barnett 2000

Gene Blair 1999

Bill and Beverly Clinard 1998

Sherry Holcomb, Flash and Babs Ludwick 1997

Lou Ann Roehl, Don and Becki David 1996

Sonny and Gloria Lee 1995

Donnie Schultz – Al Cain Award 2017

The 2017 winner is …….DONNIE SCHULTZ!

Donnie has been a member for 16 years.  He has chaired or co-chaired the Hospitality Committee, Parade Committee, Oyster Roast, Charity Fun Run, Nomination Committee, Food Committee, numerous times.  Donnie has served as a board member and Vice President.  Donnie attends most of the business meetings and has also been Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny!  

Donnie believes and expresses the importance of the ODSC and their purpose.  Donnie has taken dance lessons this year and now we can see him on the dance floor.  Think about this….for years, Donnie worked as hard as anyone I have seen for the Shag Club and did not even dance.  Now he can DO IT ALL!

Please join me in congratulating our 2017 Al Cain Award winner, DONNIE SCHULTZ!

Lou Martino – Al Cain Award 2016

Al Cain Award Recipient 2016


Monica Powell

Lou Martino Al Cain Award 2016

Lou Martino

Lou Martino is our 2016 Al Cain Award Winner.  Lou has:

  • Been a member of the ODSC for 26 years.
  • He has been on the Board and has served as Chairperson for several committees.
  • He organized the Dance Demo Team.
  • Club photography 1990 – 1996 and 2016
  • Membership Chair – 1996 – 1999
  • Worked on almost every committee that we have.
  • He built shelves for the storage unit.
  • He is always talking to new people and signing them up to become new ODSC members.
  • He is also our webmaster. For those of you that do not know, being Webmaster takes an enormous amount of time and Lou does it gladly!

What a wonderful example of someone who goes above and beyond for the ODSC!


A response from Lou Martino


On November 19, 2016, I was very honored and humbled to receive the most prestigious award that the OD Shag Club has to offer its membership.

This Award is very precious to me in many ways. Yes I work for and put in many hours for the OD Shag Club, but I enjoy what I do and what is asked of me.

I just want to say that there are many members of our club that are deserving of this award, because there are many members that are always working behind the scenes to make our club work best for its members.

Yes, I have been a member of the OD Shag Club ever since I moved to the beach back in 1991. I have seen many changes during this time. The members are the same their faces just change. It’s like old saying “Shaggers never die they just change their soles”.

I have been fortune enough to hang with the best. The old group back at Sha Booms in Fayetteville, NC: Eddie Monseur, John Stephens and Al Cain. I took my very first lessons from our own Jeppe McDowell in 1989.

I love to dance. It has been a great ride for me. Then when I came to the beach, it was a whole new ball game. The first time that John Stephens asked me to come to my first SOS; I was hooked. This is where I wanted to be, so I moved to the beach.

I saw dancing like I have never seen before. All the pros! I was in awe. I couldn’t begin to name all of the dancers, but everyone knows Charlie and Jackie Womble. I wanted to be like them when I grew up (and so didn’t 1000’s of other dancers).

Yes like most people who moved to the beach, I took lessons. There was Jeppy McDowell, Judy Duke, and Charlie and Jackie. I had a hunger to do better.

I only mention this history because the Al Cain Award means all this to me. It’s not just the work and the hours one puts forth to make our Club great. It’s promoting and preserving the Shag Dance. It’s meeting and becoming friends with so many people that like to do the same things together.

So I would like to thank the OD Shag Club, it’s Officers and Board Members, and the members that felt that I was deserving of this Award.

A special thank you to Al Cain (God rest his soul) for the memories and recognizing those members who are honored to receive this award.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

Lou Martino

Karen Young – Al Cain Award 2015

Al Cain Award Recipient 2015


Karen Young

Karen Young is an asset to the OD Shag Club. Karen joined the ODSC in 2008 and has been involved since the beginning. She served as the Food Committee Co-Chair in 2008 and 2009. Karen served as the Membership Chairman in 2010 and 2011 and co-chaired the Cruise to Nowhere with Howard Stallings. Karen was a board member 2012 and 2013 and she served as President of the OD Shag Club in 2014. Karen was one of the Co-Chairs for the Charity Golf Tournament in 2015.

In addition the many committees she has chaired, Karen has helped with the Ways and Mean selling shirts and other items. She has sold 50/50 tickets. She has participated in numerous Clean Sweep events and has co-chaired the Charity Golf Tournament. She has obtained many sponsors and raffle items, which funds our charity giving. Karen participated in updating the By-Laws for the Club.

Thank you Karen for everything you do for the OD Shag Club!

A response From Karen Young

I would like to thank the shag club members for my nomination for the Al Cain award and the Board Members for choosing me for the award.  I was surprised and honored by this designation.  The OD Shag Club has been our second family since we moved to the beach.  I have enjoyed volunteering for the different committees and have made so many friends in the process. I plan to remain active in the Shag Club events in the years to come as the rewards for doing so are countless.


Karen Young